Watering the lawn

Right, so apparently the water line that goes to our house broke.  We have this small hill in front of our house and i guess my room mate noticed water coming out of the hill and running down it a month ago?  There’s a nice long patch of grass that is WAY green compared to the other grass on the hill.   Anyways, he called it in and the water got shut off because of the broken pipe…. awesome.  But i guess this would explain our really low water pressure lately. Suck! No water means no showers, laundry, ramen noodles. How is a guy supposed to live?

Oh wait, there’s water in beer right??  Perfect.

Too low?

Pulled the engine TWICE today.. thing made me super frustrated, nothing would line up. Also, now that i’ve raised the engine an inch the drivers header literally is 1mm from the steering column… pretty sure it’s going to make some noise. Anyways i think the engine is in there for good now. (Thank God) headers are on and wrapped the passenger side header to protect the fuel lines from the heat.

Header wrapped, white was dumb as it looks awesome but gets so dirty! Oh well, i wanted to see what it’d be like so no big deal to me.

Also got the powersteering lines hooked up along with relocating the PS reservoir out of the way.  I think i might paint this white eventually.  But for now i don’t care.  I just want to drive it.

Also, pretty sure this flange is going to get ground down more…. not exactly sure why i welded this one like this.  The other one is angled for most clearance…  I wonder how long i’ll be able to get away with being this loww. Dangit

3/8″ drive

Sandblasting and Painting

Got the exhaust sandblasted today!  After typing this i realized i forgot to weld another o2 bung on the exhaust for my wideband before painting it.  Dangit!    Anyways, so Joe’s Sandblasting and Powder Coating cleaned up my exhaust.  Results were great!  But it makes me realize just how much my exhaust rusted over just ONE winter…… pitting = yuck.  Also decided to take the tension rod brackets off and have them blasted as well.

Then painted stuff.  I love painting, but i’m so impatient!

Here’s right as i got back to the house from the blaster.  Forgot to take a pic before i took the other header out..

Here’s before the paint for one of the headers.  Too bad i wasn’t “baller” enough to do stainless huh.

Didn’t paint the center section because that happens to be stainless.

Headers are painted white this time.  I like it.

One more.

Tension rods are silver, i guess light colors are the theme.

Also managed to mount my circuit breaker FINALLY.  I kept breaking the tab off the circuit breaker when i tightened it down so i riveted a piece of 1/4″ aluminum to the side to hold it.  No more irregular surface.  Disregard the messy trunk.

Wiring pt. 5 (fuse panel) and wheels

Alright, so i lied about the plethora of images.  I didn’t think i’d get a chance to work on the car till the weekend but it was so nice out i decided i had to take a couple hours and dink around.

I ended up almost putting the intake manifold on until i realized i don’t have the headers on yet. DOH!    You must be wondering why does it matter if the intake manifold is on or not.  Well the fact is – i need to lift the engine and half way pull it out to get them suckers on…. its really dumb.  So i ended up calling a couple places to see about getting them blasted.  Joe’s Sandblasting & Painting is where i’m going to be taking the headers and rest of the exhaust tomorrow around 10.  Then i will paint them real quick with some high temp paint.  Colors?  Black? Silver?  Any suggestions?? I’m thinking silver headers with the rest black.

So after i realized i couldn’t do that it was back to that pesky wiring…. this stuff is getting super old.  Ended up making a Fuse/Relay box panel so i can see how the glove box is going to fit over it.  It’s not going to cooperate very well so i’m going to have to make some modifications to the metal shroud and then it should be gravy.


I remember i promised some better pictures than the horrible cell phone pic’s i put up last time so here are their replacements. Enjoy my un-edited photos. I’m lazy lol.

Front end.

Better picture of the nice fender damage I’ve got going on on my passenger side.  The big thank you goes out to the idiot that backed into it in my schools parking lot last year.

And here’s another one just for fun.

Wiring pt. 4

So i made a new bracket to mount the fuse boxes under the dash in the glove box.  I figured thats a better place than right in front of the passengers feet that are bound to kick a hole in them….

Also did a little spring cleaning today.  No pictures this time.  I’ve gotten a little lazy at taking pictures…. sorry!

I almost forgot, i picked up 4 tires for the rear this past weekend.  Sizes are 235/40/18 in anticipation of my rims being shipped out the first week of april.   And today the UPS man delivered some Falken Azenis in 235/40/17 trim.  These things look sweet i must say.  I’m super excited to see how they feel.

I promise next time to have a plethora of images.



I did a few hours worth of wiring work yesterday and started making a mounting for the fuse boxes to go behind the glove box.  Just have to figure out where i want the bolting points to be.  Had to stop prematurely to go to work for a few hours.

Threw these on the car monday to see what i’m dealing with.  Here’s some sneak crap pictures.

If you look closely you car see my nasty battleship sunk rear wheels while i wait for the rears to become available for purchase..

5 lug it up pt. 2

Just got back from being on Spring Break, went to Minneapolis to have some good times with the girlfriend and friends/family!   Picked up a few things while i was in town as well.

Grabbed these rpf1’s for a decent price.  Sizes are 17×10  with i believe a +22 offset?  They are going to be fronts.   I’m looking for some 18×10.5 +15’s for the rear in silver preferrably.  Know anyone??

These were also waiting for me when i got back into Rapid.  J30 front 5lug hubs with s13 bearings pressed in, a new snap ring groove has been machined to make these hubs work with the s13 bearings.  Plug and play!  Also in that box are some z32 cables so i can finally have an ebrake with my q45 brakes.  Box on the right is z32 n/a rear hubs.  5 lug will be complete with a set of rear wheels and tires!

5 lug it up

Haven’t done much work on the car in a while..  but i thought i’d throw an update up on whats going on.

This coming week is my spring break so I decided to go home and see the girlfriend and try and relax a little.  I could get a bunch done on the car but i think this is more important atm. 

Anyways, going to be going 5 lug here pretty soon as i found out how much i’m going to be getting from my tax return (yes!).  So depending on when i get it I hope to have a new stance.  Also going to try and finish up some more of the wiring when i get back.