Wish list?

Is it too early to be starting a wish list for over the winter/tax returns??

I think not.

Number 1 on my list:

Ikeya Formula inner tie rods.  I just bought new s14 replacement stuff last winter and they were first too long with stock control arms.  Now they aren’t long enough with my extended control arms and the inners don’t have enough thread engagement to put my 7mm spacers on.  Facepalm.  Solution is below.

These would also be nice but not necessary:

Ikeya Formula tie rod ends.

Number 2 on the list:    A BUCKET SEAT!!! FINALLY!!!!     Now whether these will happen or not…. no idea.

Few pics of the car – Door Bar Update.

Went out and took a few pictures of the car on the ground all “cleaned up”

I will also leave you with an in-car video of the last event  and one i found of me getting the monster can!.  Donate tires to me please?  My fronts are bad and am out of rears pretty much!




Also added some door bars to my Auto Power bolt in cage i acquired a while ago.  I made the connections exactly as Auto Power appeared to make them, 1.5 x .125 DOM inside of 1.75 x .120 DOM with 4 inches of overlap and a Grade 8 fastener and self-locking nut.  Base plates are made out of 1/4 inch plate (both sides).   I wanted to keep it bolt-in so i can sell it later as a tandem legal bolt in cage.  (Tandem legal depending on what events you go to.)  
Got a steering wheel for a decent price a while ago as well.  Momo Mod 08 with an NRG short hub.  All i need is some seats!

Control Arms – Car on the ground

So i did some work today and washed the car, cut the hood to clear the radiator as I re-secured it and the cap hit it again.  Also stripped the entire car of every sticker except the team sticker (Opposite Grip) and my buddy’s shop (www.Renown-Performance.com).  I must say, the car looks much classier without all the gaudy stickers, even with destroyed fenders, hah.

But as you can see.. the front has about 7 degrees of camber at the moment.  I had to raise the car three turns in order to stop rolling rubber off on the metal fenders in half-dollar sized balls (literally), although it still rubs because as it turns out lengthening your control arm also lowers you car.  The moment arm is lengthened and therefore your spring is easier to compress due to the steeper angle between the top hat and lower balljoint.  This thing was low as crap! I already pulled the fenders a LOT, and need to pull more or man up and actually buy something fiberglass other than sideskirts.  Currently i am stuck at this much camber until i can make the fenders wider.  I am aiming for about 5 degrees.

Looks like my wheel bearing shot itself huh.  lol

Control Arms

Hey look, I did something to my car.

Decided to get nasty in the camber area.  Will post more pics of them on the car later and after i align the thing.  I’m expecting to get approximately 5 degrees with these puppies and maybe a little better contact patch at full lock too.  Also, might be awesometron knuckle time and maybe attempt at some ackerman adjustments at the same time..

Ended up putting some polyurethane bushings in these as well.  I’ve had an energy suspension master kit lying around for years and I’m slowly upgrading haha.