Wiring pt. 5 (fuse panel) and wheels

Alright, so i lied about the plethora of images.  I didn’t think i’d get a chance to work on the car till the weekend but it was so nice out i decided i had to take a couple hours and dink around.

I ended up almost putting the intake manifold on until i realized i don’t have the headers on yet. DOH!    You must be wondering why does it matter if the intake manifold is on or not.  Well the fact is – i need to lift the engine and half way pull it out to get them suckers on…. its really dumb.  So i ended up calling a couple places to see about getting them blasted.  Joe’s Sandblasting & Painting is where i’m going to be taking the headers and rest of the exhaust tomorrow around 10.  Then i will paint them real quick with some high temp paint.  Colors?  Black? Silver?  Any suggestions?? I’m thinking silver headers with the rest black.

So after i realized i couldn’t do that it was back to that pesky wiring…. this stuff is getting super old.  Ended up making a Fuse/Relay box panel so i can see how the glove box is going to fit over it.  It’s not going to cooperate very well so i’m going to have to make some modifications to the metal shroud and then it should be gravy.


I remember i promised some better pictures than the horrible cell phone pic’s i put up last time so here are their replacements. Enjoy my un-edited photos. I’m lazy lol.

Front end.

Better picture of the nice fender damage I’ve got going on on my passenger side.  The big thank you goes out to the idiot that backed into it in my schools parking lot last year.

And here’s another one just for fun.

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