Subframe DROPPED.

For one of my classes we get two projects a semester where we get to design and create something. I chose to make my own aluminum subframe risers as my factory ones are SHOT, so here we go. I will soon have the entire power train out as well as I’m taking the engine and trans out for some freshening up, more on that later.

Car looks like it’s got an extreme case of that classic muscle car stance with it all raked out. Like or no like?

Really this went extremely easy.  After taking the exhaust off, disconnecting the driveshaft, unbolting the calipers, disconnecting the ebrake lines, and unbolting the struts the thing popped right out after undoing the 4 bolts holding the subframe in.  Was ridiculously easy.

I had to unbolt the wheels to slide it out, but once out put them back on.  This assembly is beastly heavy by the way.  Maybe it’s time to install some q45 aluminum uprights I’ve got back in MN.

And just some other misc. pictures for whomever may need them.