Sandblasting and Painting

Got the exhaust sandblasted today!  After typing this i realized i forgot to weld another o2 bung on the exhaust for my wideband before painting it.  Dangit!    Anyways, so Joe’s Sandblasting and Powder Coating cleaned up my exhaust.  Results were great!  But it makes me realize just how much my exhaust rusted over just ONE winter…… pitting = yuck.  Also decided to take the tension rod brackets off and have them blasted as well.

Then painted stuff.  I love painting, but i’m so impatient!

Here’s right as i got back to the house from the blaster.  Forgot to take a pic before i took the other header out..

Here’s before the paint for one of the headers.  Too bad i wasn’t “baller” enough to do stainless huh.

Didn’t paint the center section because that happens to be stainless.

Headers are painted white this time.  I like it.

One more.

Tension rods are silver, i guess light colors are the theme.

Also managed to mount my circuit breaker FINALLY.  I kept breaking the tab off the circuit breaker when i tightened it down so i riveted a piece of 1/4″ aluminum to the side to hold it.  No more irregular surface.  Disregard the messy trunk.

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