Subframe Spacers in, Pilot bearing machined and complete!

Made some progress lately! I have completed the subframe risers and have them installed in the car.  I have also completed the new flywheel spacer and pilot bearing design.  Below shows pictures of the progress.

Subframe Risers
Got the subframe risers CNC’d by Ryan in the machine shop at school for one of my Cad/Cam projects, they turned out great and well within my requested tolerance ranges.

During installation I froze them in a bucket of dry ice to gain some clearance as the holes in the subframe are really more of ovals.  These were designed around making a press-fit of about 2 to three thousands, however, seeing as how the holes were a bit more ovular they did not go in as easy as i was hoping.  I used some dry ice to help this out and a large bolt and electric impact.  Once frozen, they went in very nicely using the nut and bolt to press it in.

And installed! This took a bit of “convincing” and grease on the studs to help slide them in the holes as everything had to be lined up just right.  One it was lined up it went in very nicely though, I can’t wait to see the difference!

Pilot Bearing
Shown below is my new, and hopefully final, redesign of the pilot bearing in the flywheel spacer. As I mentioned before I do not think it was the bearings fault it wore out prematurely due to the pressure plate being siezed, however, I figured I might as well improve the bearing while I’ve got everything torn apart.  This utilizes an NSK J-106 bearing which is a factory NISMO bearing, cool stuff!

And the finished project. Hopefully it’ll work!

Also some other random updates.

Got the car all clean and degreased, it looks MUCH better.

Decided to foil the transmission tunnel, fuel lins, and along the frame rails where the headers run.  Maybe my feet will stay a bit cooler now!