Finally got the hood all cut up and on there.  It still hits in one spot right by the TB but i think i might be able to get away with leaving it like this.  Actually come to think of it, it hits that upper radiator support i made and doesnt close entirely.  We’ll see if i need to do more cutting or if i can smash the under side of the hood in …. or something haha.

I found an actual decent use for that stupid door/fender accent you see all the time in chrome on cars…. you know..

Anyways, I found some in black!  Doesn’t look half bad i think and cleans up the cuts pretty well.

 – Chase

Wheels pt. 3

After a 3-day event of trying to mount some tires on those rpf1’s we finally figured out the correct method.
I ended up buying a couple 245/40’s as the two shops i was working with couldn’t seat the 235’s.  Just my luck, they couldn’t mount those either……  so i took matters into my own hands.  Tried MULTIPLE starting fluid fire blast explosion attempts.  To my disappointment it didn’t work, but it was fun.


Play with fire+ether starting fluid.
^Heats up the tire and makes it more malleable
Then use bike tire and keep it in there while you air up tire.
Then once it seats take it out.

Here’s some pics.

The Boys and I


Today is the day! Kind-of..  Get the tires mounted to see that sweet sweet stretch.  235/40 on a 10.5 will look pretty sweet.    Anyways, i’ve got a buddy coming over thats going to help me align my car real quick before we actually pull the fenders tomorrow.  Would be nice to know how much we actually have to pull them right?

Anyways, BBQ tomorrow!

And since i’m in a picture mood here’s another one.  Put a piece of wood underneath the rim and let the car down on it to see what i’m dealing with.  Happy Friday!

WHEELS pt. 2

So just got these in the mail today!

18×10.5 +15   for the rear.  Finally, RPF1’s all around.
And these big guys only weigh 19 pounds – awesome.

I’m a little worried if i’m going to be able to pull the fenders enough though… I think i can squeeze a bit more camber out of the ruca’s, but still.  It’s going to be close.  I’ve seen someone do the same size/offset on a stock bodied fastback before so i’m hoping it’ll be fine.

Another thing is that i have the GR+Pro’s so there’s the helper spring in the rear which makes the coilover droop alot more when jacked up.  I didnt have time to put some wood under it and let it down to see how close it’d be, had other stuff to get done.

Disregard the stupid ziptie..

Fuel Lines Part 2

So got some 5/16 hard line after class and bent up some new lines.  This is the result.  Instead of going directly over the header, it goesup along the trans tunnel (sort of).  Basically the only other way i could route them.  I’m satisfied as they are MUCH farther from the header than before.  They were quite literally less than a centimeter away in some spots..

Fuel Lines

For some reason i knew i was not through with problems….  Come home and find the garage reeking of fuel.  Look under the car and one of my fuel hard lines is leaking.  God this is annoying.  Guess i’ll have to replace either all of it or a portion of it.  Think i’m going to replace a large section of it and re-route it anyways since my exhaust is really close to it.  We’ll see what i end up doing.

First fill up!

Wooo! First fill-up. Was scraping the entire way there. It’s dumb, I can’t go anywhere because the exhaust hangs too low (quite literally .5 to 1 inch off the ground..), and not only that it took me at least 10 minutes to get out of the driveway using two 2x8x8’s… Going to have to raise it.

Also, wheels ship out tomorrow i hear… so i can chuck these nasty 4lug stockers i’m using for the time being. They will also hopefully raise the rear a bit so i can still tuck some tire.




First start after pulling the engine and replacing the transmission. Also did a wire tuck and painted the bay along with some other goodies. There is some abnormal valve noise at first but i think it was a partially stuck lifter as the engine had been sitting a while. Once it warmed up a bit the noise went away so i think it’ll be alright. Also using a 10w-30 instead of 5w-30 so that might have some effect on it.