Too low?

Pulled the engine TWICE today.. thing made me super frustrated, nothing would line up. Also, now that i’ve raised the engine an inch the drivers header literally is 1mm from the steering column… pretty sure it’s going to make some noise. Anyways i think the engine is in there for good now. (Thank God) headers are on and wrapped the passenger side header to protect the fuel lines from the heat.

Header wrapped, white was dumb as it looks awesome but gets so dirty! Oh well, i wanted to see what it’d be like so no big deal to me.

Also got the powersteering lines hooked up along with relocating the PS reservoir out of the way.  I think i might paint this white eventually.  But for now i don’t care.  I just want to drive it.

Also, pretty sure this flange is going to get ground down more…. not exactly sure why i welded this one like this.  The other one is angled for most clearance…  I wonder how long i’ll be able to get away with being this loww. Dangit

3/8″ drive

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