5 lug it up pt. 2

Just got back from being on Spring Break, went to Minneapolis to have some good times with the girlfriend and friends/family!   Picked up a few things while i was in town as well.

Grabbed these rpf1’s for a decent price.  Sizes are 17×10  with i believe a +22 offset?  They are going to be fronts.   I’m looking for some 18×10.5 +15’s for the rear in silver preferrably.  Know anyone??

These were also waiting for me when i got back into Rapid.  J30 front 5lug hubs with s13 bearings pressed in, a new snap ring groove has been machined to make these hubs work with the s13 bearings.  Plug and play!  Also in that box are some z32 cables so i can finally have an ebrake with my q45 brakes.  Box on the right is z32 n/a rear hubs.  5 lug will be complete with a set of rear wheels and tires!

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