Shifter Fabrication

Well we had everything bolted up yesterday, spacer, clutch, flywheel.. go to put the trans on and SAME issue as 2 to 3 years ago..  trans wouldn’t go on.  Figured out that the guy either messed up when making the flywheel spacer or it’s not supposed to use a pilot bearing (which i doubt).  There’s 10mm of interference between the bushing and the input shaft..  Back to the machinist to fix the issue..

Other things i DID get done yesterday are make the modified shifter mount.  For those of you that don’t know the linkage on a z32 has a solid bar inbetween these mountings thats about 2-3 inches long or so.  Cut that out and modified the stock mount.  Before this i had it bolted to the car instead of to the trans.  I think this is a much better design than before.


Word, actually just did some work on it today. Gonna say screw it with the oil pan idea for now. I will still work on it on the mock-up engines but i need to get an engine back in so i can finish the wiring.

So we took the oil pan off the one of the engines with a spun bearing and mother of god, it looked like silver pearl in oil. Metal shavings EVERYWHERE. Nothing like i have ever seen.

Spun bearings = BAD

So i’m going to take the pan to a shop and have them put it in the cleaner/boiler, whatever. (unless someone’s got a better idea)

Hopefully have the engine back in the car by tomorrow. Wiring is all thats left to get it running then.

Over and OUT

Jig to make pickup tube

Made a jig yesterday to make the new pickup tube.  Cut the top and bottom of the stock pickup tube off, tacked the bottom to the baffling in the oil pan and bolted the top half to the engine.  Then just cut some random tubing to size and tacked that together so i could make a jig out of it as to make a proper new pickup tube.  Here is the results.

Example of how much i need to modify a stock one.  Jigs are awesome.

Well… i had a whole long weekend to get LOTS done to the car and didn’t get anything done…

Just not motivated i guess?   Everyone goes through these phases I’m sure.  This is not the first time I’ve had this issue.

Slowly but surely things are coming together.  This wiring stuff is taking a LONG time, although it might be attributed to the fact that i’m kind of anal.  Anyways, pretty much got the whole headlight/turn signal/ marker light harness figured out.  Laid it out onto the car and got all of the wires extended to where i want them.  I’m going to put a connector on it so i don’t have to take the whole entire harness out if i need to change something.  Luckily i’ve got an entire harness out of a q45 i’ve been pulling matching wire from and i’ll be able to use a connector from there as well.

Tension Rod Bracket

 Finished boxing in the tension rod.

Mazworx is funny..  this is the piece they supplied to box in my tension rod (on the left).  made for an s14 but says will work with an s13.  YAH.
The one i made is on the right..


All thats left on my list is..

Finish the wiring, oil pan, and fix my exhaust.   Also some other misc. stuff.

Upper Rad Support/Finger Board

Alright, back at it again.  Got back in from having an awesome time in Minneapolis with the girlfriend and a bunch of people yesterday.

Started tackling the rock.  Its gray and hasn’t moved much..

Anyways, made this rad. support today after running out of gas in my pickup… and spending 5-6 hours doing other stuff.  I wanted to re-do my old crappy one anyways.  This one allows me to move the top of the radiator forward a good few inches.  I needed this bad as my crank pulley would sometimes rub on the fan motor…

Ignore the bugs in the radiator.  I-90 owned this thing.

Then after dinner me and my room mate put this up…. FINALLY.