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Summer here yet?

I cannot wait for summer, here’s another picture of the car as I realize i haven’t updated this thing in a long time.  Sorry!
Also here is a picture taken at the Jmuag Production one year celebration i went to over winter break representing Renown-Performance.  I had an absolute blast!

Painted Parts

So glad it’s the weekend, school is absolutely killing me and i need a little break.  Today i got the bumper, fender, sideskirts, and trunk lip on the car!  I definitely need to paint the rest of the car..  The color isn’t incredibly off that it’s unbearable but it annoys me.  I’m just going to rock it like this and we’ll see how things go through the winter. 

Paint does need a good wetsanding so once the paint hardens a bit i’ll get that done.  Other than that I’m just enjoying not having an insanely faded front bumper.

Paint Continued

Got the rest of the panels painted today.  The gun was acting up or something..  paint was not laying out nearly as nice as a few days ago.  Seemed to be spraying out really thick and splattering on the panels.. tweaked some settings and it seemed to help.  Paint ended up turning out alright in the end.  Got a couple runs in the clear coat but i’ll fix that with wet sanding.  Here’s pics from the day!

My buddy Clint ended up showing up for a bit to help prep (again) real quick.  Thanks!

More sanding…


This is our addition to the makeshift paint booth.  It got real foggy in there last time so we got some air filters from menards, duct taped them to a couple of box fans we had.  Put one up on top the left to suck air out, and the one on bottom pushes air in.  The bottom fan is on a higher speed than the one on top to push the plastic outwards so it would stay away from the panels.  Worked AWESOME!! Thanks Trevor!

Look from the outside…. white balance must have been off a bit lol. Brady’s car is looking a weird color.

Panels up in the booth! Trevor putting some finishing touches on it.

Adding more light.



Trevor looking super cool

“He was in my face — I’M IN YO FACE!”

Gettin ready to be done with this!

In yo FACE!

Brady and Trevor decided to spray some clear with flake on Trevors front bumper hah!  It actually doesn’t look half bad for doing zero prep whatsoever.


The Paint Begins.

I decided to get a couple things painted.  Only the necessities right now as i happen to have some paint lying around.  I really wanted to paint my front bumper as it is super faded and i also decided to paint a less-dented fender, sideskirts, and trunk lip as well.

Long story short, i messed up on the fender and bumper and the trunk lip fell in the booth.  So i get to re-do those either tomorrow or Wednesday..

Sideskirts came out pretty rad tho.

Loading all the stuff up to go paint it!

Primed it!

Setting all the stuff up in the booth we made after sanding all the primer.

No painting is complete without taking a drink beforehand.


Brady/My Shoot

A buddy of mine named Brady just got his car finished for the time being so he decided to go out and get a proper shoot.  Just so happens i ended up showing up as well and got some photo’s snapped.
The mans name is Jason of J.M. Photography.  His Flickr is
Jason definitely impressed me with his work and i’ll be looking forward to doing another shoot sometime in the future.  Maybe get some action shots at an event?  Nice work Jason!

Here’s just a few of the shots taken.  Hopefully more will be added!

I had called Brady to see what was going on that night, and he told me to go ahead and swing on over so we snapped a couple of my POS as well.  My car looks crazy haggard compared to the fresh paint/kit/look of Brady’s car.

Me doing something dumb.  I’m not the photogenic type.

And the mandatory cliche stickers

That’s all for now.  Hopefully we’ll get some action shots here in a few weeks as there is an event on Sunday, September 19th.  I know i’m looking forward to it.

 – Chase

Exhaust nastiness

The car has been running real well lately, it’s nice to actually enjoy something you put so much work into every now and then.

Back to fixing stuff on the car.. this time, i raised the engine in the front and so my exhaust was rotated downwards in the back… finally the exhaust hanger broke in the rear from the added force and i just got around to fixing it.

And so it begins..

Can’t work without food and beer! (beer not shown)

Old rusted hanger that broke, I hate going under the rear of my car because i realize how rusty it actually is..

Cut some slits in the exhaust so i could bolt it back up to the headers, raise the exhaust in the rear, then tack it back on after it’s positioned.

It’s not pretty, but it works.  Rest of the frame is rusted so i figured… ehhh whatever.

Smashed up from me dragging it back to the house after the rear hanger gave way

Exhaust is looking pretty beat after a few years..

looks like i should have plenty of room, even after the suspension is compressed

Hooray for ground clearance.

There is also our Team Blog i seem to be updating more than this one lately..

Check it out!

 – Chase


So after a long break of me doing absolutely zero updates.. here is one.

I have not replaced the rear main yet, i’ve kind of been just driving and enjoying the car as is.  Something i didn’t get to do at all last summer.  In fact, this is the only summer in my entire ownership i’ve actually been able to enjoy the car for what it is.

Things to come are possibly more stickers and hopefully an event or so.. might be working on something as far as events go.

Also, a buddy of mine just opened up a new shop called “Renown Performance” in Coon Rapids, MN.  They do work from honda engine swaps to custom tucked harnesses, even military spec harnesses.  He’s just starting out and i’ll be sporting a nice new logo of his soon called the ‘fiston’.  No website as of yet but that is soon to come. 




First start after pulling the engine and replacing the transmission. Also did a wire tuck and painted the bay along with some other goodies. There is some abnormal valve noise at first but i think it was a partially stuck lifter as the engine had been sitting a while. Once it warmed up a bit the noise went away so i think it’ll be alright. Also using a 10w-30 instead of 5w-30 so that might have some effect on it.



It started right up.  Had the fuel lines hooked up backwards last night.  Fixed that today and BAM.

Idle’s like a champ at 650 rpm.  awesomesauce.

Video will be up soooon


Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you all have a FEAST.

The car is completely back together now.  Tried to start it last night and figured out i had re-wired the fuel pump incorrectly as the pump was not turning on. I fixed that and it still wouldn’t fire.  Figured out i had zero fuel pressure.  Genius of myself hooked up the fuel lines backwards…… soooo i decided to call it quits there as it was 2am.  So hopefully today i can swap those fuel lines around, get some pressure and hopefully it starts up!  Would be quite interesting to have the cars “second-first” start on Easter!

GO EAT SOME FOOD!  Or find some Easter eggs if that’s what you do.