Brady/My Shoot

A buddy of mine named Brady just got his car finished for the time being so he decided to go out and get a proper shoot.  Just so happens i ended up showing up as well and got some photo’s snapped.
The mans name is Jason of J.M. Photography.  His Flickr is
Jason definitely impressed me with his work and i’ll be looking forward to doing another shoot sometime in the future.  Maybe get some action shots at an event?  Nice work Jason!

Here’s just a few of the shots taken.  Hopefully more will be added!

I had called Brady to see what was going on that night, and he told me to go ahead and swing on over so we snapped a couple of my POS as well.  My car looks crazy haggard compared to the fresh paint/kit/look of Brady’s car.

Me doing something dumb.  I’m not the photogenic type.

And the mandatory cliche stickers

That’s all for now.  Hopefully we’ll get some action shots here in a few weeks as there is an event on Sunday, September 19th.  I know i’m looking forward to it.

 – Chase

2 thoughts on “Brady/My Shoot”

  1. Thanks man!

    Yeah, lately I've been trying to do as little as possible to the car and just enjoy driving the damn thing (it's fun as hell!)

    We definitely need to do that. I have been trying to plan a trip back to MN with the car for a while now. Things just keep coming up that don't let it happen along with the fact that the only way it's coming back is on a trailer. That drive is hell in this car. I really want to try and make it out to a shawano event sometime though. When i do end up making plans I'll definitely be sure to let you know so we can get together.


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