Paint Continued

Got the rest of the panels painted today.  The gun was acting up or something..  paint was not laying out nearly as nice as a few days ago.  Seemed to be spraying out really thick and splattering on the panels.. tweaked some settings and it seemed to help.  Paint ended up turning out alright in the end.  Got a couple runs in the clear coat but i’ll fix that with wet sanding.  Here’s pics from the day!

My buddy Clint ended up showing up for a bit to help prep (again) real quick.  Thanks!

More sanding…


This is our addition to the makeshift paint booth.  It got real foggy in there last time so we got some air filters from menards, duct taped them to a couple of box fans we had.  Put one up on top the left to suck air out, and the one on bottom pushes air in.  The bottom fan is on a higher speed than the one on top to push the plastic outwards so it would stay away from the panels.  Worked AWESOME!! Thanks Trevor!

Look from the outside…. white balance must have been off a bit lol. Brady’s car is looking a weird color.

Panels up in the booth! Trevor putting some finishing touches on it.

Adding more light.



Trevor looking super cool

“He was in my face — I’M IN YO FACE!”

Gettin ready to be done with this!

In yo FACE!

Brady and Trevor decided to spray some clear with flake on Trevors front bumper hah!  It actually doesn’t look half bad for doing zero prep whatsoever.


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