Exhaust nastiness

The car has been running real well lately, it’s nice to actually enjoy something you put so much work into every now and then.

Back to fixing stuff on the car.. this time, i raised the engine in the front and so my exhaust was rotated downwards in the back… finally the exhaust hanger broke in the rear from the added force and i just got around to fixing it.

And so it begins..

Can’t work without food and beer! (beer not shown)

Old rusted hanger that broke, I hate going under the rear of my car because i realize how rusty it actually is..

Cut some slits in the exhaust so i could bolt it back up to the headers, raise the exhaust in the rear, then tack it back on after it’s positioned.

It’s not pretty, but it works.  Rest of the frame is rusted so i figured… ehhh whatever.

Smashed up from me dragging it back to the house after the rear hanger gave way

Exhaust is looking pretty beat after a few years..

looks like i should have plenty of room, even after the suspension is compressed

Hooray for ground clearance.

There is also our Team Blog i seem to be updating more than this one lately..

Check it out!  www.OppositeGrip.com

 – Chase

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