Progress on May 30, 2008 Header progress

So today Carl and i hammered out most of the drivers side exhaust. It looks much better than the other side.. i give credit to the stationary cutter i’m borrowing, it’s so much easier to cut a flat edge and angle’s.

We had to redo the whole thing because the one i made last year was too close to the steering column. The new header clears it with much more room. Here are some of the pictures.

Checking for clearance around the steering column.

Another angle.

Checking that the runners clear the firewall and frame rail.

Another angle. Clears the firewall, frame, and column!

The header was on the engine outside the car for most of the fab work. After we made sure it would clear everything, we just hugged each runner to the other runners and made sure we could get the collector on.

The fourth runner will be made later this weekend hopefully. Then finish the collector on the passenger side and the headers are done. Then it’s smooth sailing on the rest of the exhaust work.

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