Update from June 14, 2008

So i have definitely made some progress lately.

The shifter is finally figured out. Ended up cutting open the shifter hole and welding in a piece of steel, then welding the old 300zx shifter mounting to the bar. She is all lined up perfectly now. Can hit 1st through reverse smoothly now.

I also ran the clutch line today and bled it. The 6-puck RPS clutch feels NICE and is aching to be broken in.

Also had to re-drill a new hole in the brake pedal to accommodate for the relocation of the brake booster. So i did that and hooked that up. Now i can stop.

The headers are actually semi-complete now. All of the runners come together. Just need to take em apart and hand em over to my buddy to get welded up. Then it’s collector and finish the rest of the exhaust time.

This is the muffler i think i’m going to get. It’s a Dynomax Ultra-Flo X Muffler…

Let me know what you guys think.

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