Progress on May 29, 2008 (I think?) Beginning Exhaust and alternator mount

Once again… copied from a previous post..

Ok, so the project is back in action everyone. I’ve made a little bit of progress so far. But it’s slow going. Hopefully things will start to move along pretty soon.

Anyways, i just completed fabricating the alternator mount. I’m using a 240sx alternator as the q45 one is way too big to fit in the bay. I would have to notch the frame rail. The water pump and alternator will be run on one belt and the a/c tensioner will be flipped upside down to tension it. I’ll show a pic of that later if i remember. Yeah i know, the welds are sloppy, they are just tac welds i did with my friends little 90 until i can go to my girlfriends house where they have a full size welder and finish them up.

Here’s as far as i got last year on making the headers. I realize they are NOT equal length. I plan to re-do them eventually when i have more time. As of right now i’m just planning to get the car running.

Here is a picture of the passenger side header just sitting on the head.

And here’s what i’ve got to work with. The mock-up engine is in the car without the tranny so it will be easier to finish making the exhaust. The tranny is huge..

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