November 25, 2008 New injectors

So last friday i got my injectors.

Took the old crappy ones out that i thought were fubar.

Here is a comparison between the #4 cyl. injector and the Deatschwerks Injector…

I think what happened is that the pintle cap cracked or something, causing the fuel to not be vaporized or whatever in the air properly… maybe getting on the pintle cap and burning? Causing it to melt like this? Idk, it’s weird.

vv Here’s a picture vv

But anyways. I put the two new injectors in along with new plugs on those cylinders and what do ya know, it fixes ALL of my problems. It sounds WAY different now and actually pulls like it should, It’s a beast! The smell of burning rubber is the greatest smell ever. Especially when it comes with the sound this engine makes.

I can’t wait for the summer drift events to start, once school is out for the summer, and i can finally get on the track as a driver…. its gonna be way fun.

I’ll try and get up a sound clip or something like a dumb ricer flyby or whatever.

Psyched i am.. for sure.

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