November 13, 2008 Compression test

So after all of this nonsense i realized my car was running like crap. At first i thought it was bad compression which freaked me out but turns out it wasn’t here’s my update from back then.

So today i got to borrow a compression tester..

Compression is supposed to be 185psi. 142psi minimum.

So i tested the two cylinders i thought were effed up. (#2 and #4)

#2 tested out at 183psi!

#4 tested out at 180psi!

I am STOKED. During the #2 cylinder it started raining. SO i had to finish real quick and slap it all back together. I’ll check the other cylinders this weekend. But i’m psyched it’s not anything serious on those cylinders. So i’m now suspecting injectors. Will hopefully get those done this weekend. BALLER

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