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My last SD Drift event before the move!

Alright everyone, I’ve been pretty busy the past few months.  Big things have been happening, like life changing kind of things. I graduated college (yess!!!) and accepted a job out of state. I attended my last SD Drift event in late May on the 20th. There was shenanigans, crashing, and all around awesomeness going on.

May 20th

Kris was throwin GOBS and GOBS of smoke!   I have no idea what his deal was that day but it was nuts!

One other highlight of the day is whe Kris and I hit.  my front left enkei broke a chip out of the rim and his VS-KF got bent – ha!!

Love these dudes!!!!

Hidden in the smoke… ha!

Minivans: SUPER practical!

I will say it again.  It was an AWESOME day.

SD-Drift Thunderdome Event 04/29/2012

Last weekend we held the first SD-Drift event of the year out in Sturgis, SD, it was an absolute blast!  Cool dudes and nothing but tandem practice and drifting all day long makes a rad time.  Here’s some media from the events.  All pictures in this update come via FOTOmotive, check em out here!


For the full set from the day: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.372959016083805.82180.192098390836536&type=1

Now on to the video and pics!  Driving was pretty sloppy, as to be expected after not driving for several months.

First and foremost….


In love with this picture.

Brothers gotta hug!

LOL, got too close in tandem.