WHEELS pt. 2

So just got these in the mail today!

18×10.5 +15   for the rear.  Finally, RPF1’s all around.
And these big guys only weigh 19 pounds – awesome.

I’m a little worried if i’m going to be able to pull the fenders enough though… I think i can squeeze a bit more camber out of the ruca’s, but still.  It’s going to be close.  I’ve seen someone do the same size/offset on a stock bodied fastback before so i’m hoping it’ll be fine.

Another thing is that i have the GR+Pro’s so there’s the helper spring in the rear which makes the coilover droop alot more when jacked up.  I didnt have time to put some wood under it and let it down to see how close it’d be, had other stuff to get done.

Disregard the stupid ziptie..

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