Wheels pt. 3

After a 3-day event of trying to mount some tires on those rpf1’s we finally figured out the correct method.
I ended up buying a couple 245/40’s as the two shops i was working with couldn’t seat the 235’s.  Just my luck, they couldn’t mount those either……  so i took matters into my own hands.  Tried MULTIPLE starting fluid fire blast explosion attempts.  To my disappointment it didn’t work, but it was fun.


Play with fire+ether starting fluid.
^Heats up the tire and makes it more malleable
Then use bike tire and keep it in there while you air up tire.
Then once it seats take it out.

Here’s some pics.

The Boys and I

4 thoughts on “Wheels pt. 3”

  1. You have 17's right? I've got a 235/40 on my fronts and they are 17×10; they aired right up. No crazy issues.

    I think my issue is with the tires I'm trying to run in the rear, they have a really stiff sidewall for *extra load*. Pretty sure that's the issue. If anything just try using a cheetah, if that doesn't work do the inner tube trick. Works great and an inner tube costs like 5 bucks. For a 17″ rim get a 16″ inner tube as they don't make 17″ inner tubes. At least that's what the guys at the bike shop told me…

    Thanks dude!


  2. Cheetah's work better then inner tubes. I had a VW shop try to mount 215/40 on a 9.5'' wheel with inner tubes for like 2 days. They finally called me and told me they couldn't do it. Then I took it to a generic shop with a cheetah. They have never stretched tires before and the guy that did it for me even told me it was the first time he got to use the cheetah. Shit popped on first try..


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