July 31, 2008 Painting headers

ANyways, so i got some work done today. I ended up getting the headers back today so they are pretty much 100% done. I painted them with some DEI high temp paint and wrapped the passenger side header from the end of the collector to about 2 or 3 inches up the runners in like 15 feet of header wrap because its gonna be rediculously close to the fuel and brake lines.. Its necessary. The DEI and wrap is only temporary untill i can get them properly coated next year sometime. I don’t have time to wait around to get it coated. Running out of time.

QUick pic of the headers. I dont have a pic of the headers in wrap right now.. took this before the wrap went on. will put one up if i get around to taking one..

But anyways. The Driveshaft is going to be completed TOMORROW!! So i basically will have EVERYTHING i need to get this car on the road this weekend! Bought some premium gas to throw in the gas tank so i can try firing it up this weekend!!! HAHAH yeah boyy!

I’m stoked. Are YOU?

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