July 30, 2008 Headers, mounts, powdercoating

So i have been working on this thing feverishly lately and been waiting FOREVER to get parts back from powder coating….. anyways.. Havent had time to post updates until now.

I’ve finished making the shifter mounting whatever you wanna call it.

Practically finished the headers.

I have a driveshaft currently in the works and should be done in a week or so.

And just got back some bling from the powder coater.

Here is me testing the drivers side header after painstakingly working the tubing to meet together so i could magically fit a collector on the end. Hooray

Here i am making sure the header will clear the steering column.. i had to re-do this side becaus my first attempt wasn’t good enough. YES i have to take the steering column out every time i need to pull the engine. and i need to pull the engine every time i need to take the headers off.. Yay for one-off custom stuff.

Here is the end of a header just before i put the collectors on. I had to pinch the tubes together all in the middle so there would be as little turbulence as possible. then you weld a + across each seam and a half an inch or so up each side. so when you put the collector on it seals off from the atmosphere. twas fun

YAY!! this is a sweet picture. making sure the collectors didn’t point up into the floor pan. This was a guestimate kind of cuz i still didn’t have the mounts back from the powder coater… :/ so i just had the engine floating. but i think it’ll be alright. i’ve looked at the engine enough times in the car to make a good guess.

Passenger side header all finished up minus the O2 sensor bung being put in place and finishing up the welding.


Money shotss

This is an HDR image. because the lighting was just kinda crappy when i did it.. so this is the best i could do for now. Will get better pics when its actually in the car. i’m sure thats all any of you care about anyways, whether or not it actually runs haha

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