Few pics of the car – Door Bar Update.

Went out and took a few pictures of the car on the ground all “cleaned up”

I will also leave you with an in-car video of the last event  and one i found of me getting the monster can!.  Donate tires to me please?  My fronts are bad and am out of rears pretty much!




Also added some door bars to my Auto Power bolt in cage i acquired a while ago.  I made the connections exactly as Auto Power appeared to make them, 1.5 x .125 DOM inside of 1.75 x .120 DOM with 4 inches of overlap and a Grade 8 fastener and self-locking nut.  Base plates are made out of 1/4 inch plate (both sides).   I wanted to keep it bolt-in so i can sell it later as a tandem legal bolt in cage.  (Tandem legal depending on what events you go to.)  
Got a steering wheel for a decent price a while ago as well.  Momo Mod 08 with an NRG short hub.  All i need is some seats!

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