First Drift event in MN

It’s kind of strange that I finally got to drift with people on D-Town for the first time last weekend; the drift forum I’ve belonged to the longest, bought this car off of, started my first build on, and even went and hung out at some drift events YEARS ago. Needless to say it was a GREAT time for me, and about time too. It was my first time at a real track as all we have out in good ole SD is parking lot events. Don’t get me wrong those are fun as well because you can switch up the track layout constantly.. but the event at Elko Speedway in Elko, MN last weekend was one of the most fun events I’ve done.

That 3rd gear bank had me nervous all day as I hadn’t driven my car at an event in nearly 10 or 11 months… it took me a couple runs on the inner oval to get re-acquainted with my car. I spun out all over the place the first run and looked like a moron. Next couple runs were a lot better but I still think i could have done better. When I finally decided to take on the bank, it was on. That bank is so much fun, first time doing 3rd gear for me and man it was fun. I cannot wait to go back there again! On with the media.

Pics from Erik Lauritsen

From Jmuag.

From:  Kaizo Photo

From:  Khilgers

From: Angled Lines


Event video

Inner Bank, Second Run

Outer Bank 1st Run

1st attempt at 3rd gear ever.  Was feeling out the bank for the first few corners until i got comfortable. Waaaaaay too much fun.

Outer Bank 1st Run GoPro

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