A REAL alignment?

Got hooked up with an alignment at Western Dakota Tech!

Nice brand new alignment machine..  and hey guess what,  It works AWESOME!  One that actually takes into account different offsets.  Or maybe it’s just the people using it know what they’re doing haha.  Was pretty sweet getting in and doing the alignment with them. It was especially nice being to see all the changes on a screen instead of doing it all by hand with strings, a vernier calipers, and a calculator!

Was suprised i actually got the on the machine. The exhaust was hitting the jacks in the center of the lift and to jack up the car with a tranny jack so we could move them.  Now for pictures.

I think my phone’s camera lens is messed up as all of these pictures look like garbage.  v Especially this one…
These are the ramps we made to get the car up on the lift.

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