Wiring up Front

Got some work done today. I basically finished the wiring harness i made to replace EVERYTHING up front. This harness is for the lights/motors/blinkers/side markers. I will never do this again in my life (maybe). And i advise anyone else to PAY someone to do this for them as this is a giant pain.

A huge reason why it took so long is because i used OEM nissan connectors that i pulled off the q45 harness i have. So basically de-pined everything, including connectors up front, so i could get the sleeving over it. Lots and lots of labeling. And the soldering/extending/finding correct pins for the end that is going to connect to the chassis harness. 

This is how it’s run up along the frame rail. I might add heat wrap around it later, not sure yet.  

Here’s the front end how it splits to the other side. 

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