Shifter Fabrication

Well we had everything bolted up yesterday, spacer, clutch, flywheel.. go to put the trans on and SAME issue as 2 to 3 years ago..  trans wouldn’t go on.  Figured out that the guy either messed up when making the flywheel spacer or it’s not supposed to use a pilot bearing (which i doubt).  There’s 10mm of interference between the bushing and the input shaft..  Back to the machinist to fix the issue..

Other things i DID get done yesterday are make the modified shifter mount.  For those of you that don’t know the linkage on a z32 has a solid bar inbetween these mountings thats about 2-3 inches long or so.  Cut that out and modified the stock mount.  Before this i had it bolted to the car instead of to the trans.  I think this is a much better design than before.

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