Beginning of Wiring, Suspension Parts, Battery Box

Alright, were up to present. Thank god.

Yeah… soo… I just keep tearing more and more of this car apart. I havent had the dash out in a LONG time. Still only took me like 20 min. to do it though haha.

Anyways working on tucking the harness since I’ve got a nice pretty bay now. I needed to re-work the conversion harness i made a while ago so i figured i might as well go all out.

I took the entire engine room harness (as the FSM calls it) and de-loomed it getting ready to get rid of all this auto crap since it wasn’t a 5spd to begin with. I’ll be re-sleeving the harness with stuff from

So this is where i’m thinking about putting the fuse boxes. Is this normally where people relocate them to? I dont really like the idea of extending crap tons of wires to relocate them to the trunk. Although my battery will soon be in the trunk..

You basically run the harness right along with the dash harness and it will still bolt right back up to the SMJ. The wires are practically perfect length for the relay box to be located on the passenger side like in the first pic.

And here’s the rest of the wiring i somehow have to cram in there… I’m thinking i’m going to need to shorten all of the wires that lead from the relay box to the fuse box so i dont have a cluster of wires under the dash.
Also got some stuff in the mail recently.

Some Yamato Garage RUCA’s. I’m not so sure about these.. they were a decent deal but we’ll see how they work. Wasn’t super psyched as one of them didnt want to go on. Had to basically pound it on with a hammer and you can see the flange’s bending in the second pic…. not sure what to think.

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