August 5, 2008 First start!!

Back at it..

This is after i went through and trouble shooted a crap load of wiring problems. Thanks to a couple guys on D-Town and NICO that helped me though this.

Anyways on with the updates.


It RUNS!!!!

BWASAHHAHAHAHHA. Parkinglots here i com!!

Thanks for ALL of your help you guys!

It’s not quite it DRIVING condition yet. Still need to get the rest of the exhaust made. And it doesn’t like to idle for some reason.

Also i think the tach signal is like times 2 cuz its an 8 cylinder. Anyone know how to fix that?

Omfg i’m so happy.

4 years man… good god finally my car can hit the pavement.


P.S. that squeeling is just a pulley. think its cuz i have no coolant in the system.


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