August 15, 2008 injectors/troubleshooting

ok. so I have solved all running problems.

I found two bad injectors. Number one and number two cylinders. I happened to have two brand new injectors from the other engine i got out of the q45 i bought. replaced them and decided to set the cas back to the center since that is where is is supposed to be.

This thing SCREAMS. Took it through the lowry tunnel with Carl. Holy shit balls you guys. This thing has its own sound. Nothing sounds like it.

It LOVES to be sideways. A flick of the throttle is all that is needed. TONS of torque. But holy shit is it hard to steer with no power steering. I need a remote mounted electric unit asap.. like one from the gen 2 mr2’s.

Anyways. I’ll video a highway run or a sound clip or something. It sounds WAY better than the first video i gave you guys. The exhaust does wonders.

I’m so god damn happy. Drove it 90 miles today and no overheating problems.

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